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I’ve been trying to stick closely to my morning writing schedule; but, sometimes, it’s just not possible.  You see, in order to write, I browse the internet (time) and read (more time).  Which means other things like housework and my DIY project, not to mention my watercolor portrait that’s been sitting for two weeks are put on the back burner.  Way back.

Did I find anything worth sharing?  Why, I’m glad you asked.  Yes, I did.  Only, it’s on the tekky side of the street.  I was over on Twitter and came across a great article explaining how to boost visibility with Google by tweaking some HTML.  The steps are extremely easy to follow.  However, there’s a step that involves Google +.  Naturally, I checked on mine to make sure everything was up to snuff (I wonder where that idiom came from?)  That led me to stopping at another interesting site.


Do you see why I can’t get things done?  My whole life is going down the stream of internet consciousness without a paddle!


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2 Responses to My Internet Stream of Consciousness

  1. hahaha!!!!
    I’m in the same river you are in.
    Perhaps, because we are writers, readers and curious middle aged women!!
    Just as long as we get out of the pool long enough to walk+talk it off.
    ps. LOOK on the bright side––>we’re getting smarter!!!

  2. Shelley says:

    Hello, Teri…

    A lot of my problem is that I don’t stay focused on just one thing! Writing/blogging demands some knowledge of how things work behind the scenes. I find I end up being a jack of all trades whether I want to, or not. (I love it)

    Thanks for stopping by long enough to comment. Hope you have a creative kind of day!

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