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Soon after my father’s death in 1970, my mother began filling the lonely hours by translating the New Testament gospels into our native language, Seneca.

For the next twenty years, the clicking of the Smith Corona typewriter keys became a regular sound in the house.  Those were the days that demanded white out and correction tape.

Often, I sat and watched her mark the glottal stops with a pencil and promised that someday I would start where she left off.  To everyone’s surprise, her past time blossomed into something bigger than herself. What began at a little desk near her bedroom window turned into a work respected among linguists and local New York universities.

I learned that whatever comes from our heart has value.  Only with daily discipline can our work grow and improve.  If ever my writing comes close to producing a small degree to what my mother has accomplished, I will be satisfied.

About Me

For someone who hates wearing name tags and standing out in the crowd, writing about myself is difficult.  What I consider mundane, you may find fascinating.  I happened on a post that listed a few questions posed to draw out more information about ourselves.  Here’s how I answered them.


I’m interested in a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies.  I’ve been a part of an art group for the last seven years. I enjoy photography, and traveling.  If I could do more of it, I’d have a photo blog.  And, believe it or not,  I enjoy direct sales ventures. 

Well, isn’t this a lot of territory to cover.  I’ve lived over twenty years as a military wife both stateside and overseas.  I know a lot about marriage after forty two years with the same man. I’ve probably failed more than I’ve succeeded; but, the successes keep me going.  I prefer a simple life-style.  Any type of shopping beyond groceries makes me anxious. I have a teaching degree, but no longer teach.  I pursued my doctorate until I realized I’d be retired and still paying on it.

What energizes me?
I love helping others. It doesn’t matter if it is a few words of encouragement or whether I have to drive twenty miles to help someone paint kitchen cabinets.  If I have the means, I will do it.  I believe it’s important to utilize the gift God has given me.  I also love sharing what He’s done in my life.

For sometime, I have wondered where my passions lie.  It never dawned on me that my passion was in language.  I love to take notes and copy down words and phrases.  I love how words make me feel and the images they create in my mind.  I love how language syntax has a particular order, like basic algebra.  I could spend all day, every day involved in words of some type.  Come to think of it, I get energized by algebra, geometry, and trig (but only the easy stuff).

I have a keen eye at detecting misspelled words, incorrect grammar, usage, and spelling. I love to diagram sentences (weird, huh)?  As for pies, my lemon meringue is bar none.  I also have years – no, decades – of home renovation practice under my belt.  I’m great at talking to strangers.

And, so you have it.  I’d add ‘in a nutshell’, but that’s too confining for a creative.  I’d have to find a way to break free.

So, thank you much for stopping by my site.  I truly hope I can give you words that are enjoyable and keep you coming back for more.  If that’s the case, please consider subscribing to my blog.  I love meeting new people.  Don’t forget, one of my skills is talking to complete strangers!

I look forward to meeting you,


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    • Hi Anne. I didn’t realize that my subscribe link wasn’t connected. Would you please check it and see if you’re able to subscribe? Thank you for visiting my blog and showing interest. I really appreciate it.

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